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KS Crime & Punishment: Let’s get this party started

It’s the inaugural post of Kansas Crime & Punishment, so I feel compelled to offer a brief introduction.

In covering the crime beat for The Hutchinson News for nearly five years, I’ve observed funny, quirky or even crazy things happening behind the scenes that don’t always make the newspaper or fit with whatever story I’m working on. Now, I plan to share the craziness here with you.

Whether it’s an unusual call to The News or an extraordinary report overhead on the scanner, I plan to let you in on whatever is making me laugh — or cringe — in the newsroom. My co-workers from The News might also chime in once in a while on this blog.

I plan to highlight the crime story, whether it’s local, regional or national, that everyone is talking about or that’s creating a buzz in our community.

But my top goals for this blog are to be informative and interactive. I’ve shared a list of sources (see right side of the blog) I use almost every day to look up police reports, the jail log, court records and criminals’ backgrounds. And I want to hear from you. What information are you looking for? What’s happening in your neighborhood? Leave me a comment on the blog, reply to @HNcrime on Twitter, or feel free to send a private email to dgray@hutchnews.com. The door to my virtual office is always open.

– Darcy Gray, Kansas Crime & Punishment


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