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KC&P: Boston’s compliance amid manhunt admirable

“Boston is probably the only major city that if you f*** with them, they will shut down the whole city…stop everything.. and find you.”

This tweet from @_Happy_Gilmore on Twitter has been shared nearly 30,000 times today. I’ve never quoted a parody Twitter account before, but it’s apparently a statement thousands of people agree with as they’ve spent most of the day glued to the news, waiting for word the massive manhunt in Boston has concluded with the capture of the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Associated Press lede by midday: “With the city virtually paralyzed, thousands of officers with rifles and armored vehicles swarmed the streets in and around Boston on Friday, hunting for a 19-year-old college student wanted in the Boston Marathon bombing after his older brother and alleged accomplice was killed in a furious getaway attempt overnight.”

Boston authorities advised nearly 1 million in the city and its suburbs to stay indoors as law enforcement searched for the second suspect. All mass transit was suspended. Businesses were asked not to open. People who arrived at work were told they could go home.

From Watertown to Cambridge, police SWAT teams, sharpshooters and FBI agents surrounded various buildings as police helicopters buzzed overhead and armored vehicles rumbled through the streets, the AP reported. Authorities also searched trains.

We can marvel at the compliance of both residents and businesses, and also ponder: Would the residents in our own city react the same? Would you see the same seemingly smooth communication between law enforcement and the public elsewhere?

At least the Boston Dunkin’ Donuts stores were allowed to stay open. Seriously, the company released this statement to BuzzFeed: “At the direction of authorities, select Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in the Boston area are open to take care of the needs of law enforcement and first responders.”

And my co-worker Kayla Regan reports her friend in Boston posted a photo online of a case of beer and a bottle of whiskey, proclaiming, “Lockdown rules!”

Godspeed to all of the officers in Boston in finding the second suspect, and may there be a peaceful resolution. And well done under pressure, Bostonians.

-Darcy Gray, Kansas Crime and Punishment


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