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All That Buzz: Meade County bake off


Are you ready for a bake off?

Today I was editing Kristen in the Kitchen when Darcy Gray placed a flyer near my computer. The town of Meade plans to have a bake off at high noon on Saturday as a part of the Meade trash and treasures day.
I hope they view these awesome treats as treasures!

What’s even cooler – the bake off is going to be at the Dalton Gang Hideout. It’s the claim to fame for the small southwest Kansas town of 1,721 people.

The hideout was formerly the home of Eva Dalton Whipple, who was sister to the Dalton Gang brothers, according to

Years after Whipple and her husband moved out of the home, a tunnel was discovered from the house to the barn built into the hillside. Now visitors take a walk down the 95-foot-long dirt tunnel to explore the house.

And now there will be a new kind of showdown – a bake off!

It’s too late to enter my pumpkin pecan bites as seen in the picture – registration was due April 12 – but it’s free to attend. There is also free admission to the hideout and a silent auction. There will be live entertainment, prizes and games throughout the day.

Meade’s trash and treasures day will have more than 50 garages sales with maps to selllers homes. There will also be craft and food booths.

If you’re near Meade on Saturday, it’s worth a trip for some fun.

-Kristen Roderick, All that Buzz

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