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All that Buzz: Going national?


Photo courtesy Il Punto

Last week I got a phone call inquiring about Kristen in the Kitchen.

A restaurant has been at its location for about eight years and it just went through a remodel. The Chef is new, and the caller wanted me to try it out.

The catch? This restaurant is in New York City.

The caller saw the title “Kristen in the Kitchen” online and thought she’d give me a try. Though the column only runs in Kansas, I am honored that a restaurant in New York City wanted me to check it out.

The phone call was also very effective. Shortly after the woman called me, I decided to check the restaurant, Il Punto, out. It sounds really cool.

Il Punto Ristorante is located in a New York City location called Hell’s Kitchen – a short way from Times Square. The restaurant is inspired by the Sicilian roots of owner Antonino Pecora, according to a release.

The chef is 29-year-old Antonio Mermomlila, who is from Southern Italy. He learned how to make quality Italian food at Pietro D’Agostino’s La Capinera Restaurant in Taormina, Sicily.

Though I don’t get up to New York City much, I will definitely have to go try Il Punto. Check out its website at

Kristen Roderick, social media editor
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