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KSAgJournalist From the Field: How good is June’s bounty?

KSAgJournalist From the Field


My family at harvest: My sister, Lori Hahn, helps my daughters Brett and Kaci into the combine her husband Randy is driving near Gypsum.

We should know a little more, hopefully about the condition of our winter wheat fields by the end of this week.

Wheat leaders are taking to the fields this week as part of the Wheat Quality Council’s annual hard red winter wheat tour. The tour runs through Wednesday. While some of the damage still might not be evident for several days, the group of farmers, professionals and experts will give us an assessment of how bountiful June harvest might be.

Kansas Wheat Marketing Director Aaron Harries will be blogging about this for the next few days on Kansas Agland –

Meanwhile, Salina Journal Ag Journalist Tim Unruh wrote a good story saying that while last week’s late-spring cold snap won’t be known for days or weeks and that it is a good bet some harm was done, it might not be as bad as farmers expected.

In other words, as most farmers quip during harvest, June’s bounty might be “better than expected.”


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