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Kansas Journal: Sons of barbecue roll into town

sonsofbarbHave you heard of the Sons of Silence motorcycle club?  Well, I met a  pack of motorcycle riders  Saturday who should be known as the “Sons of Barbecue.” This was their sixth year to meet at Roy’s for their “Ride to Eat rendezvous.

I understand heading off on a road trip to eat at a favorite restaurant.

But, riding a motorcycle from Illinois to Hutchinson for a plate of Roy’s fingerlickin’ fare, now that’s  something only a serious foodie would do. Even with pie at the Carriage Crossing, in Yoder, as part of the trip, it’s still a long haul.

But, that’s what Chuck Henderson did this past weekend.

“I loafed along,” Henderson said, about his 14 hour ride, covering 455 miles, from Winthrop Harbor, Ill. In Hutchinson he met up with other  hungry bikers who participate in the “Ride to Eat” motorcycle trips.

Before heading to Greensburg on Saturday morning for an assignment, Hutchinson News photographer Lindsey Bauman and I stopped by because we heard the hungry motorcyclists would be in town for lunch.

We arrived 30 minutes before Anne Armstrong was scheduled to open Roy’s red door and there they were. Just hanging out waiting for  steaming plates of barbecued ribs, sausage, and brisket. It had rained and the weather was still cool Saturday morning so numbers were down. Still, there was a crowd of  about 35 and they were still rolling in.

“This is my second time here,” said Jason Mickelson, Westminster, Colo. No problem for him driving so far to eat. “I like it,” he said.

-Kathy Hanks, Kansas Journal

Check out more of Kathy’s work here.


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