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Fahrer Side: Hutch’s Page a notable, quotable contender

Some athletes are a good quote.Page

Smart, insightful, well-rounded.

Few athletes are a great quote.

But Hutchinson High’s Jared Page falls in that category.

Even as a sophomore at last year’s Kansas state track and field championships, the hurdler showed his distinctive flair for commentary. After winning the silver medal in the Class 6A 300 hurdles, Page – who delivered an outstanding run by clocking in at 39.52 seconds – was understandably emotional when he came in second behind Garden City’s Jonathan Duvall.

“I left everything I have on the track,” Page said last May. “I believe my heart and soul is scarred all along this track. … But if I get beat by a man while running a 39.52, he’s the better hurdler today.”

At Monday’s home invitational at Gowans Stadium, after he won the 300 hurdles in an even 40 seconds, I asked Page if he brought that same mentality day-in and day-out.

“It’s how hard you really want the finish line, how hard you want that tiny gold quarter,” Page said referring to his pursuit of a gold medal. “I want it. Not just here, but in May. I want it bad.”

There would have been a rematch of the two hurdlers last Friday, when the meet was originally scheduled. But when it was cancelled because or rain, Garden City was not able to fit in the rescheduled meet and Page went without dueling Duvall.

Nevertheless, Page looks like a legitimate contender in the event yet again.

He beat Hays’ Adam Deterding, one of the best track athletes in the state at any level, by 1.20 seconds in the 300 hurdles and came in a tenth-of-a-second behind him in the 110 high hurdles (15.30 seconds).

Page credited his mom- Ann M. Hentzen Page, a doctor at The Woman’s Place – with helping him add extra workouts. It’s paid off with his best starts out of the blocks all season.

“So every morning, we go and we work hard for two-and-a-half hours. She murders me,” Page said, “and that’s why my start on the 110s, she said it was phenomenal. I thought it was pretty decent. The starts here felt better than it has all season.”

And he’s still leaving his heart and soul on the track.

“Every single time. It’s still literally beating there,” Page said pointing to his chest, “but it’s beating there. It’s beating right there in lane four.”

-Lucas Fahrer, Fahrer Side

Check out more of Lucas’ work here.


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