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Blogging Frankly: Men’s basketball team loses in soccer.

The banter began in earnest on Twitter sometime Monday from AJ Spencer.

“Big Game tomorrow, gotta get this pregame sleep because you play on tonight’s sleep #GameOfTheYear”

Seems pretty innocent, doesn’t it? A college athlete ready to get some much needed rest before a big game. And this was a big game. A game unlike any other ever seen in Hutchinson.

The matchup: Hutchinson Community College men’s basketball players against HCC women’s soccer players. In soccer.

Spencer bragged how he was going to model his soccer game after Italian superstar forward Mario Balotelli.

Jack Pyle boasted that his skills resembled Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese star considered by some the best player in the world.

BJ Watson, the pint-size point guard, posted pictures of his soccer inspiration – Belgium’s Vincent Kompany.

Alex Davis, a 6-foot, 9-inch tower, compared his goalkeeper skills to Spain’s Iker Casillas.

Soccer player (a real one) Nicole Cronin guffawed with every tweet of confidence. She tweeted pictures of crying soccer players, including Ronaldo and Balotelli. The soccer women were not going to lose to those basketball players.

Word spread throughout the dorms about the big game. Women’s basketball players were there. So were volleyball players and track athletes. The anticipation was high.

But like many things that get hype – i.e. Tim Tebow – the final product was a disappointment, as the soccer players rolled the basketball team 6-nil.

It was fun seeing the basketball team play soccer. Davis was a decent goalkeeper. Pyle had some good dribbling skills. And I swear, Spencer got wasted in the penalty box once and no penalty kick was called.

All the while, it got me thinking. How about some other events like this? Let’s see the HCC volleyball team take on some of the football players in volleyball.

Let’s see the softball team take on the baseball team in a doubleheader – one baseball game, one softball game.

How about the women”s 400-meter relay team taking on four of the fastest HCC golfers?

The entertainment value would be high, just like it was seeing Davis chew out his defense after a goal by Melissa Hetherington or Danielle Sheehy.

Besides, the athletes can gain a measure of respect for how tough other sports are. The trash tweets Pyle, Watson, Spencer and Davis gave out before the game turned into tweets of respect for the soccer players for the spanking they handed out.


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