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Current Conditions: The best Saturday spent working ever

I’m working for a coworker today, and I just really need to share my schedule with everyone.  It explains why, contrary to, reporting is one of the best jobs in the world.


After I check to make sure nothing crazy happened while everyone was asleep, I’m going to a forum on poverty hosted by the Kansas African American Affairs Commission. I wrote a story about the project they’re working on a while back and now I’m covering their first official meeting. They’re truly trying to make Kansas a better place and I’m so looking forward to hear what they have to say.


I’m checking out the Cinco De Mayo celebrations at the Avenue A Park (I really do not understand why it’s pushed back a day early. It bothers me) and grabbing some food/maybe a balloon.


A photographer friend and I are heading to Sandy Lane Club, a nudist club, to check out their new cabin. I have never been to a nudist anything and I’m so excited. The people at Sandy Lane have been incredibly nice and accommodating, so when they invited us to stick around for a pot luck dinner, the answer was obviously ‘yes.’ Even if a story doesn’t pan out from this, who can say they’ve eaten a home-cooked dinner at a nudist resort?

Well, me after tonight.


Hopefully, I’ll have my story for Sunday done, but I probably won’t. I am not ashamed to admit that I’m a procrastinator, especially when you can watch the video below over and over again. Eventually, though, I’ll have to buckle down and write my article. The rest of the night will be spent listening to the scanner to make sure nothing crazy happens. In case it does, I’ll be there.


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