It's this or anarchy

It’s this or anarchy: Confused but cautious

PrintIt has been almost three months since the new traffic signal at the crosswalk by the Kansas Cosmosphere on 11th Avenue was installed.

And it seems its working better than intended at stopping traffic so pedestrians can cross the street to and from the Cosmosphere and Hutchinson Community College.

The light is dark until a pedestrian pushes a button to activate it. Then it flashes yellow to warn approaching drivers to prepare to stop.  Then the flashing yellow light is replaced by two steady red lights, directing traffic to stop so pedestrians can cross. Eventually those red lights become flashing reds before going completely dark again.

At the point when the red lights are flashing, it’s OK for drivers to proceed if the pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk. But Assistant City Engineer Fernando Zalles said he has noticed that almost no drivers proceed until the signal goes dark again.

But it seems that what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them.  Zalles said it just makes the crosswalk a little safer if the cars wait a few more seconds, and it isn’t causing a traffic backup.

You can read a complete story on this later at or in Thursday’s Hutchinson News.

Meanwhile, here’s a graphic explaining how the signal works and what it means to you as a driver or pedestrian.


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