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Just Playin’: A familiar ring

An age-old debate resurfaced this week:

Man gets down on bended knee. He proposes marriage. He places an engagement ring on her finger. She accepts.

And then, for whatever reason, she breaks off the engagement.

What should become of the ring?

Does she keep it as a parting gift – a thank-you-for-playing, let’s-welcome-our-next-guest party favor? Or does she do the classy thing and give it back?

Mario Williams, who signed a multimillion-dollar free-agent contract with the Buffalo Bills last spring, is hoping for the latter. Actually, he’s demanding it. And when you’re a man who makes his living by blindsiding quarterbacks, his voice tends to be heard.

The Buffalo Bills All-Pro defensive end filed suit against his former fiancé, who refuses to return the 10-carat $785,000 diamond engagement ring he gave her. Erin Marzouki broke off the engagement in January. Several attempts were made to retrieve the ring, but Marzouki believes she is entitled to the bauble.

So what should become of the ring? Is it considered a gift? Or might it be considered part of a contractual agreement. If that’s the case, once the woman broke off the engagement, the agreement was broken – and the ring should be returned.

Williams is clear that the decision to break off the engagement was solely Marzouki’s. He did nothing to bring this on. He made no errors in judgment. The quarterback sacker was never caught in someone else’s sack. He makes it clear he is innocent.

If that’s the case, she accepted the ring until false pretenses. It appears as though she went digging for gold in his mine and uncovered 10 carats. She has no rightful claim to it.

As stated earlier, this is not a new issue.

Jilted men everywhere have dealt with this dilemma since about the time the diamonds being contested in the court of law were nothing more than carbon.

This one has drawn the spotlight because the jilted one is one of the best linemen in football and because of the effort he put into this ring. Ten carats? Maybe Marzouki broke off the engagement before the ring caused her hand to break off.

Regardless, she should give it back to Williams.

Your thoughts?

Pat Sangimino, Just Playin’


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