It's this or anarchy

It’s this or anarchy: Update on the Reno County Jail

RENO JAIL entry 5-14-13

Front entrance of new Reno County Jail.

Dan Rowe of Treanor Architects says that about a million decisions go into designing and building something as complicated as the new Reno County Jail.

“We still have a lot of work to do,” he told the Reno County Commission on Tuesday.

Fortunately, most of the big decisions have been made, he said as he presented a final design concept, or floor plan on Tuesday.  Now we’re down to things like where do the pipes and wires and light switches go.

His team will be working on that, in the design development stage, for the next three months. Then comes construction documents, bids, and construction should start early next year and take about 18 months.

Meantime, here are a couple of new artist renderings of the jail and the updated floor plan.

RENO JAIL site plan 5-14-13

Overhead view of plan for new Reno County Jail.

RENO JAIL floor plan

Updated floor plan for new Reno County Jail.


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