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Current Conditions: Strange welcome

You may have read about her on Facebook, Twitter or seen her around town.

Theresa Thomas, the woman who showed up near downtown Hutchinson carrying a pair of new teal-colored suitcases, was even the talk of the newsroom Monday afternoon. Reporter John Green has a story about her in Wednesday’s Hutch News.

I haven’t seen her, and likely won’t as she was arrested for trespassing Monday afternoon. Green wrote that she had just parked her luggage on a grassy strip outside of the Fourth Avenue and Poplar Burger King. Staff had previously told her not to do so.

My heart goes out to 52-year-old Thomas, but maybe for a different reason than you’d think.

I don’t know Thomas or the situation surrounding why she’s here. Judging from statements from officers and New Beginnings and Horizons employees, though, she was sane. For whatever reason, Thomas, who apparently came from a bus from Dallas, took a vow against talking to us. Maybe it’s for a spiritual cause or maybe she just really doesn’t want to be bothered. Either way, it’s not our concern. Green wrote she can afford to feed herself and was taking care of herself. She is not violent and has so far shown no signs of hurting herself.

To me, it seems like she was on some sort mission. With a $500 surety bond and trespassing charges going against her here in Hutch, I wonder what could happen to that mission.

-Kayla Regan, Current Conditions


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