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Kansas Journal: Trapped at lunchtime

copAmy Bickel would say it’s my fault.

But, any law abiding citizen would disagree.

During our noon break from work today we were driving around looking for story ideas when we saw a sheriff’s deputy standing at the corner of 30th and Curtis.

“Ask him what’s going on,” I told Bickel.

As I rolled down her window on the passenger side, she said, “Wait, I don’t have my seat belt on.”

But, it was too late.

“We’re doing a seat belt check today, and you don’t have your seat belt on, pull over,” the deputy said.

Thinking quickly, Bickel told the officer who was coming over to the car that she was a reporter and  was not wearing her seat belt so she could have a first-hand experience of what it’s like to go through a seat belt check when not wearing a seat belt.

He didn’t buy it.

bickelticketThen she told him she took it off to talk to him. Nope, that didn’t work either. She was being ticketed $10. That’s $10 she won’t have to buy diapers for little Jordie. That’s $10 worth of Diet Dr. Pepper. That’s $10 that could have been spent on a good steak. Bickel likes her money.

But she wasn’t alone. Several other vehicles behind us were being pulled over.

Bickel hates me now. She said if I hadn’t suggested she talk to the officer, we would have sailed by. But, I don’t think so. We were at a 4-way stop and the deputy was watching each vehicle.

The seat belt check will continue through 2 p.m.

Wear your seat belts when you get in a vehicle, folks. I know Bickel is buckling up.

-Kathy Hanks, Kansas Journal



5 thoughts on “Kansas Journal: Trapped at lunchtime

  1. Sounds like you two are having fun! Miss working with you Kathy. And Bickel, this sounds just like the girl I knew at K-State.

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