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Through the Lens: AP photographer Sue Oglocki’s dramatic photos from Moore


Photojournalism is telling a story with photographs. It’s always heart wrenching to photograph people and places after a tornado has come through and caused horrific destruction. Sue Ogrocki, with the Associated Press, has been in Oklahoma for more than 10 years and was one of the first news photographers on the scene in Moore, Oklahoma after an EF5 tornado destroyed the town. She gives a touching first hand account of being able to take photographs of children being rescued out of the rubble at Plaza Towers Elementary School. Her photos are dramatic. Ogrocki said, “What I saw through my lens yesterday was kind of like a saving grace, because there was all this destruction here and bad things and people died. But what I got to see was people being saved and you don’t get to see that very often as a news photographer. To actually witness the saving, it’s an incredible feeling.”

 Hear her tell her story on ABC’s Nightline program:

Sandra J. Milburn, Through the Lens

Associated Press photographs by Sue Ogrocki





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