It's this or anarchy

Hutchinson, we have liftoff!


Jim Franko of SpaceWorks uses a water spray to clean a thrust chamber from an F-1 rocket engine. A Web page containing this photo and others showing the SpaceWorks employees conducting conservation work on the rocket engines was deleted after the Kansas Cosmosphere advised The Hutchinson News that the grand opening of the observation area would not occur on Friday.

The Kansas Cosmosphere’s Friday opening of  the public observation area where folks can watch the conservation work on Apollo era F-1 rocket engines at SpaceWorks is back on again.

At one point Thursday, the opening had been cancelled for unspecified reasons. Advertising and an online story announcing the opening were deleted from

Then about 6:30 p.m. came word that the opening was back on again, but again without explanation.

However, the bottom line appears to be that the off-again, on-again nature of Thursday’s developments had nothing to do with the condition of the artifacts or the Cosmosphere’s preparations for the opening.

The first of four tours on Friday  is at 11 a.m. , starting at the Cosmosphere. Visitors will be taken to SpaceWorks by shuttle bus after viewing the Apollo gallery in the Hall of Space Museum.

Cost is $1 for Cosmosphere members and $5 for non-members. Call 800-397-0330 for reservations.


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