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The way we talk


One of the N.C. State maps looking at crawdad, crayfish and crawfish. What do you say?

Caramel has two syllables.

And, in Kansas, it’s crawdad – not crayfish; and lawyer as in “Saw” not “Loyer” like most of the U.S.

According to a story in Business Insider, a N.C. State researcher looked at the way Americans pronounce different things. For instance, we say pop. St. Louis folks say soda. And, of course, in Texas, you can only get a coke.

A few others

Kansas: pee-KAHN
NE U.S: pee-CAN

The place you get water at school

Kansas: water fountain
Western U.S.: drinking fountain
Michigan: Bubbler


Eastern U.S. says: Cray-ahn, two syllables
Western U.S. and Kansas: Cray-awn – like dawn, and two syllables
And a few, including myself, call it a crown.


2 thoughts on “The way we talk

  1. Yup! I’m a Kansan. Now, what about crick or creek? And is the mail carried on a “rowt” or a “root?” (Rhymes with toot, not foot)

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