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All That Buzz: Salvation

Kristen Roderick poses during filming of "Salvation." (Greg Wood/The Hutchinson News)

Kristen Roderick poses during filming of “Salvation.” (Greg Wood/The Hutchinson News)

When the movie “Salvation” is finally released to the public, you might see some familiar faces.

The majority of the movie is filmed in Hutchinson. A few of my coworkers and I were some of the extras when crews filmed at The Hutchinson News.

I’m fascinated with what goes on in video production. While working at The News, I’ve gotten my hands on video equipment and I’m intrigued on what good video cameras can do. When John Montgomery, editor and publisher of The News, offered to let us be extras for the movie. I went to see what really goes on behind the scenes.

Before we even started to shoot, director Bernie Van De Yacht apologized for the delays between shots. He told us it would be mostly waiting and a little bit of shooting. It was, but it was great to see what goes on behind the scenes. Nobody is just sitting there during the delays. The lighting is changed, cameras are repositioned, sound is tested and more. Everything has to be perfect for a production of this magnitude.

The scene that was shot at The News was with a columnist in the film. The columnist scene is actually set up in John Montgomery’s office. Most columnists at The News write their columns from home, not in a large office. But it looks good. They rearranged furniture and items on the desk to make sure it looked perfect. Even the makeup artist watched the filming to make sure there was not a blemish or a scuff.

But my job was simple. I first picked up some newspapers and handed them to someone else. Then I walked across the room and opened a drawer.

The movie premieres this weekend in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to pick up a copy when it arrives in Hutchinson.

Kristen Roderick/All That Buzz
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