Through the Lens

A fairy presence

A Fairy Presence

Various folklore surrounds the growth of fairy rings, including that they are guarded by giant bug-eyed toads or are the result of the fiery tails of flying dragons.  But, the most popular belief is that the mushrooms are simply growing in the path made by fairies dancing in a circle.                                                                adastraMushroomFairyRing1_071413 adastraMushroomFairyRing2_071413 adastraMushroomFairyRing3_071413A fairy ring of mushrooms grows in a field off the intersection of North Monroe Street and Dartmouth Road in Hutchinson. Other names used to refer to the circle of mushrooms include fairy ring, fairy circle, elf circle, elf ring or pixie ring. The mushrooms were  in various sizes including these shown in comparison to my size 8 shoe.

Lindsey Bauman/The Hutchinson News/ Through the Lens


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