It's this or anarchy

What’s up at City Hall?

cityhallWonder what’s going on the east side of City Hall?

Concrete workers were pouring footings on Tuesday for a new addition to the building. The addition will provide a meeting place for executive sessions of the City Council, an after-hours meeting room for advisory boards and a tornado shelter for city employees.

The addition is part of a $250,000 renovation, including a makeover of the Council chambers, which will require that the Council move its meetings to the FireTrainingCenter at 3201 E. Fourth Avenue for about two months this fall.

The dais, currently straight along the south wall, will be rebuilt with a curve so that council members can see each other better and will be reoriented along the east wall. That’s in part so that visitors entering through the west door of the chambers will be entering at what will be the back of the room, rather than the side, which required them to walk between the Council and other members of the audience.

Seating capacity of the chambers also will grow from 35 to 60, in part because audio-visual equipment for recording and broadcasting meetings will be relocated.


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