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New analysis: Hutch housing continues to slide

In 2009, a consultant hired by the City of Hutchinson produced a report that found that the condition of more than 5,000 homes, about a third of the total in the city, had deteriorated since 2001.

The city has relied heavily on those figures in things like grant applications since then. But after four years, those numbers have accumulated a layer of dust.  So we looked for a way to take an updated look at the state of Hutchinson’s housing.

The Hutchinson News asked the Reno County Appraiser to create a spreadsheet listing every residential parcel in the city, its condition, valuation and other data for 2009, the year the appraiser began using its current software, and for 2013.

We plugged the numbers into some sophisticated GIS software and analyzed the results statistically and geographically.

The results: 733 houses have a poor condition rating now than they had in 2009.  Of those, 383 slipped from average or better to fair, poor or unsound, the three worst categories.

By another measure, 4,939 residential properties lost value over the last four years.

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But in the meantime, the following chart provides a statistical breakdown from our analysis, and the map  shows  the location of all the fair, poor and unsound houses in the city. The red parcels are those that deteriorated into those three categories from average or better condition in 2009.

Hutchinson Housing by the Numbers
The Hutchinson News asked the Reno County Appraiser for statistical data, including the condition rating and valuation of ever residential parcel in Hutchinson.  Then we used GIS mapping software to analyze the data statistically and geographically. The maps and charts with this story are the result.
Condition Scale 2013 2009 Change
Unsound < 1.1 1150.7% 1010.69% +14
Poor <1.75 9936.8% 9296.3% +64
Fair <2.5 3,09021.18% 2,96620.3% +124
Average <4 9,74366.9% 9,87567.6% -132
Good <5 4783.27% 5493.75% -71
Very Good <6 0 0 NC
Excellent 6 60.04% 60.04% NC
Total Residential or Farm Home Site Parcels 14,583 14,602 -9


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