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Current Conditions: Here comes the sun!

skyThe rain last week and this week put a serious damper on not only my mood, but also my summer plans. I live for this time of year. I love the heat and I love the sun. With that, here is how I will be spending how I plan on spending my free time in the few precious weeks of summer left.

Summer bucket list:

  • Get my Irish tan on (this is where my skin turns red instead of bronze)
  • Read an actual book that will make me smarter
  • Clean my spare bedroom
  • Swim whenever I can
  • Get ice cream from an ice cream truck
  • Attend at least one more barbecue
  • Go to the lake
  • Play tennis

In all honestly, I will probably get two or three of these off my list. After all, there’s a lot to catch up on on Netflix. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

-Kayla Regan, Current Conditions


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