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Current Conditions: Mo’ horses, mo’ problems

The July 31 story about Lindasue Adams, the woman convicted of neglecting dozens of horses over the past three years, definitely struck a nerve.

Here’s a few of the comments from our Facebook page:

  • Crazy old bat someone should Neglect her and leave her for dead!! And starve her too,Nice  Going Judge McEwen another slap on the wrist!!
  • should be no plea bargain here she should go to jail. there was not a plea bargain for the horses.
  • Our Legal system in Reno county is ridiculous…wow …cruelty and abuse to an animal or a human should receive stricter penalties !!!

And from the Web story:

Upset by Reno County, they have no compassion for the animals in this County, In this case she should of gotten a year for each horse neglected. I have also seen the Pit Bull population go unnoticed in this town/not enforced. I have seen too many and turn in things that have been ignored. Animals need a voice and people need better information on who to send to.

And here’s a selection from a Western Front letter:

In regard to the Lindasue Adams’ case, where she was convicted of animal cruelty, I was saddened, sickened and appalled in the outcome of her court case. How does a one-year probation make up for what these poor horses endured for years?

(I’d like to point out that any typos above belong to the authors)

The answer to that question, as I myself have wondered, is that the criminal statutes can only apply for that 12-month sentence for this misdemeanor. Assistant District Attorney Andrew Davidson told me that.

But, for those concerned that she may offend again, there is hope.

Check out today’s Hutch News story for the full explanation, but a civil suit against her on the basis of public nuisance laws may result in an “injunctive relief” (lawyer speak for a solution…I had to look it up) where Adams is prohibited from owning horses for the rest of her life.

That trial is scheduled for Aug. 29. We’ll see what happens.

-Kayla Regan, Current Conditions



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