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School taxes driving increase in overall mill levy

The City of Hutchinson, Reno County and the Hutchinson Public Library aren’t going to increase their property tax rates in their 2014 budget.

Hutchinson Community College is actually lowering its levy by a fraction of a mill.

If your property is in USD 308, you’ll see a decrease of about 25 percent in the mill levy for the Hutchinson Recreation Commission. But if your property is in that part of northeast Hutchinson in the Buhler School District, you’ll be paying for the Recreation Commission for the first time — and that will be an extra 3.699 mills on your tax bill this December.

School district taxes also are going up — because of reduced federal funding, a smaller percentage of state equalization aid on Local Option Budgets, higher costs for utilities, fuel, insurance and other commodities. The Buhler School District’s levy also is going up because it’s starting to pay off the $45 million in bonds for building a new elementary school and renovating other schools.

Overall, if you live in Hutch and USD 308, the total levy from all the taxing entities will be 174.436 mills, up about 1.75 percent.

If you’re in Hutch and Buhler USD 313, the total levy will be 171.882 mills, less than in USD 308 but nonetheless up nearly 11 mills or 6.75 percent from last year.

For the  full story in The Hutchinson News, click here.

To see an interactive graphic charting the changes in tax levies since 2001, click on the following image.

2013 tax levies


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