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Is over the rainbow Wisconsin for Jordy Nelson?

For Jordy Nelson, there is no place like … Wisconsin.
With all the flooding the past week, I finally viewed a video someone posted on my Facebook page of the former Kansas State University wide receiver and current Green Bay Packer promoting Wisconsin tourism in a funny yet bizarre commercial.
Some of you probably already have seen the commercial promoting Wisconsin tourism – a Wizard of Oz type parody. It starts with a scenic shot of Riley, Kansas and Jordy passing the football with his wife.
He goes deep for a pass, runs into a tree, hits his head and, in true Wizard of Oz style, finds himself over the rainbow in Wisconsin in the fall, greeted by Glinda the Good Witch of the North (who has a Wisconsin accent) and giggling Munchkin Cheeseheads.
Yet, apparently, unlike Dorothy, he doesn’t want to go back to Kansas when Glinda tells him all he has to do is click his heals (ruby red cleats, by the way) three times and say “there’s no place like home.”
But, who would when you’re making seven digits as a football star?
Not that Nelson won’t be home someday. He still travels to the family farm in the off-season to help with the operation.
Ironically, the Kansas farm boy was in the state last spring doing something similar – part of the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s “Land of Kansas” promotion. He was introduced during the launching in May as the program’s spokesman, saying his passion for agriculture and promoting Kansas led him to the program.
You’ll just have to watch it for yourself and make your own opinion. Thankfully, however, I think it’s great Jordy knows football, for he won’t be getting an Oscar anytime soon.


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