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Current Conditions: If you can’t say anything nice…

“Holy s***!”
That’s what I said in my cubicle when I read the comments to the story about a motorcycle fatality Friday morning. In three words the comments were cruel, insensitive and disappointing.

I am no prude. Personally, I don’t care about curse words, but I understand why we monitor them. What I care about is the comment’s intent and context. We tolerate a lot of things on our Facebook and website comments (stupidity and ignorance are chief among them) but targeted threats cannot be hosted.

I’m not going to talk about the conversation on the post because, frankly, it doesn’t deserve to be brought up. It’s deleted and gone to the place where bad Internet things go to die. In the meantime, lets play nice. If you don’t like something someone says, act like an adult and ignore it. Better yet, make a positive impact on the conversation.

It’s why I’m not posting about the accident involving a Hutchinson High School senior that also happened last Friday on Facebook today. There’s a kid and a family involved and the potential for hurt is too high.

-Kayla Regan, Current Conditions



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