Kansas State Fair / Tales From the Crib

Free is fine at the Kansas State Fair

As a journalist, I have to be nonpartisan.

But, I can’t deny the fact that Kansas Democratic Party gives away a good pen.

It writes very liberally, ink-wise mind you. In fact, the pens write so well, I went back later in the day for second one.

I haven’t been by the Republican booth, but across the fairgrounds, there is plenty of free stuff to fill your bags.

I always stop by the Kansas State University booth for free Powercat tattoos. The university is also giving away fans, sunscreen, calendars and posters.

Red Wing Shoe is giving away shoe horns, of course.

Kansas Lottery has mugs, blankets T-Shirts and watches – not that I’d wear a Lottery watch.

Kansans for Change’s freebie is matchbooks.

I’m definitely stopping by Kansas Farm Bureau to see if I can have a free coupon for ice cream at the dairy bar under the grandstand.

Hutchinson Clinic has whiteboards.

When I find more good giveaways, I’ll let you know. Alas, however, I guess there aren’t any 5-Hour Energy drinks to help me get through the fair this year.


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