Welcome home

I had a goal when I went to the Kansas State Fair – I wanted to see Sarah Green, or Sarah Hill for those who have followed The News for a while.

The fair is Sarah’s favorite “holiday.” She thrives on the smell of Pronto Pups and livestock. Even when she doesn’t have to be there, she’ll be sitting with friends enjoying every moment. In fact, she makes a point to eat the same thing every year at the same location with the same person.

The Kansas State Fair is all about tradition. I know the feeling. The first day is the best kickoff. It’s more than just the start of the fair – it’s a family reunion. I give my tickets to the same people every year. They crack jokes or ask me if I’m really working. Then I walk around and see some of the same people – like the knife guy who used to have his booth across the hall from The News’ booth in the Meadowlark Building. Or the ladies at one of the Pronto Pup booths who always say they’ve been looking for me.

This is one thing that makes the state fair so special. When you’ve been going for six years, these friends become special.

As if Sarah were reading my mind, she yelled my name as I walked out of the Eisenhower Building. A smile and a hug later, my day at the fair was complete.

Aside from seeing some of my favorite people, I always have some favorites. Here are a list of some favorites for Friday. Send me your favorites – email them to kroderick@hutchnews.com. I’d love to hear about them.

Favorite thing on a stick: You can’t go wrong with a Pronto Pup.

Favorite way to stay cool: When it’s 100 degrees, you need something. Grab a fan from one of the vendor booths then go to some place that has ice cream. They are everywhere. There’s Blue Bunny ice cream and more.

Favorite look alike: A decorated pumpkin in the Pride of Kansas building looks like a guy from Duck Dynasty. It’s complete with a cup from the show. Not going to lie, this kind of creeped me out. Kudos to the artist.

Favorite memorial: Bardo the Clown’s trailer is at the Kansas State Fair. The beloved clown who died earlier this year is remembered with some of his items. There is also a scarecrow dedicated to him by an artist in the Pride of Kansas building.

Favorite people watch: I don’t know if this is my favorite or most unique. One man had an Elvis haircut. It was almost impossible not to stare. That style should stay in the 50s, but it was a good fashion statement for the fair.

Favorite advice: Don’t text and walk at the same time. You might run into  the train. Seriously – don’t do it.

Kristen Roderick


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