Kansas State Fair

Celebrating a first

I can remember my first Kansas State Fair while working for The Hutchinson News.

I was so excited and eager for this new adventure. Now, six years later, I was able to take a friend on this same journey.

My friend, Katie Goodenberger, has never been to the state fair. When she got there Saturday, the first thing she did was send a text message. I couldn’t wait to show her around.

Of course, we had to check out the almighty butter sculpture. She was amazed at the talent and craftsmanship it took to make such a great piece of art. Then we walked around to find some interesting food – I think she’s still curious about the Moink Balls on a Stick.

Finally she got to join me as I worked. We went behind the scenes before the Grand Drive to talk to people who were about ready to show their livestock. She was with me and saw the excitement in Cale Hinrichsen’s voice as he talked about his steer. We were both impressed at how professionally he spoke at just 14.

Her reactions brought back memories to my first fair. The thrills, the excitements, the admiration for Kansas agriculture – and, of course, everything on a stick.

Welcome to the Kansas State Fair, Katie!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Favorite drink: I drank several $1 iced teas from the pink stand. They definitely quench you thirst on a sultry summer day.

Favorite freebie: Did you know you could taste European candies on 23rd Ave., across from the Highway Patrol building. Check it out.

Favorite costume: Loved the really tall robot with its sweet melodic and robotic voice. Try to find him at the fair!

Best way to cool off: I didn’t hear any workers carrying bags of ice complaining that it was too hot.

Favorite sighting: It was great to spot former Secretary of Agriculture Josh Svaty enjoying a day at the fair. I remember competing against him in the Celebrity Grape Stomp a few years ago.

Kristen Roderick


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