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Only a paper moon … and a missile

It’s only a paper moon that you can’t see. But, with the latest technology people are lining up to have their picture snapped at The Hutchinson News booth. And it’s so much fun looking at the finished photos on line at www.hutchnews.com/fair  It’s a donation to a good cause, our Hutchinson News Scholarship.

So, I was happy to help Amy Bickel get her three young daughters, all in pink cowgirl boots, to the booth Saturday, in between assignments. Sticky hair had to be brushed and there were a few tears, because Bickel pulls the brush hard.

Then we went to ride the Kansas State Fair train together. But the train started to move before I had both legs inside and before Bickel was aboard. So I had two little girls, one in tears, as we moved along the rails. I hadn’t been on the train since my children were very young. So this trip took me back to memories of my two children. Now adults, neither could make it to the fair this year.

The thing is, the fair is so much more fun when you can experience it with children. Even when seeing it through their tears.

After riding the train, I went to the opening of the time capsule. That’s when I really missed my children. I remembered back to 1987 and standing holding both their little hands, as I read the message on the side of the missile aloud to them — that the capsule would be opened in 2013.  I still can remember the how I felt at that moment.


A paper moon filled with kids. Don’t try this at home.

I couldn’t even fathom where those two little people would be all these years later. Or me.


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