Kansas State Fair

Well, that’s a fair request

Toby Keith didn’t ask the Kansas State Fair for beer for his horses.
But, if the State Fair has soft drink and beer sponsors, “and they are feeling charitable and want us to have some of their product,” the Toby Keith buses “would appreciate some stock … especially beer!”
Often found in an entertainer’s contract package is a rider spelling out the obligations of the host.
Riders for Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, performing Sept. 10, and Keith, taking the stage Sept. 15, were the simplest in this year’s packages, according to State Fair General Manager Denny Stoecklein.
Keith is the highest-cost act the State Fair has ever brought in. He is guaranteed $350,000, and his tour management made few demands in the rider.
“We do not want to waste a lot (of) your time or money filling up a dressing room with food items,” the Keith rider said, that will go untouched.
Chips, nuts and light snacks would be appreciated, and “a few waters, Gatorade and fruit juices would be nice as well,” the Keith rider said.
There are two vegetarians traveling with Keith, and four vegetarians in the KANSAS entourage, which was here last Friday.
KANSAS’ requests included an organic fruit bowl with organic bananas, and an organic vegetable tray.
Theory of a Deadman, performing Sept. 13, defined vegetarian foods in its rider:
“Fish and seafoods are not vegetarian (neither is chicken, turkey, sausage, bacon or anything else from any animal).”
State Fair officials don’t grant all requests.
They won’t stock a performer’s buses with food and drinks before they roll out of Hutchinson. They also won’t supply entourages with alcohol – although they often ask.
The Eli Young Band, tapped to perform Sept. 8, requested: locally brewed beer, Bud Light beer, vodka, Jack Daniels bourbon, wine and scotch.
All those line items were crossed out in the signed contract.
Some bands adhere to a menu-of-the-day calendar when on the road. For Jars of Clay, Thursday is Italian night. And for its stop here on Thursday, Sept. 12, that means chicken parmesan or eggplant parmesan.
Entertainers desire privacy and clean dressing rooms.
“PUBLIC RESTROOMS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE,” the rider for Theory of a Deadman declared.
Lynyrd Skynyrd, promised this fair’s second-highest guarantee of $125,000, had a list of requests that included nine pre-posted postcards of “your city.”
That request was crossed out in the contract.
Lynyrd Skynyrd also wants a bouquet of fresh flowers, and that request will be honored.
There will be blossoms in Skynyrd Nation.
-Mary Clarkin


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