Current Conditions

Current Conditions: Reflections at the scene of the crime

Signs of the mundane in extraordinary circumstances fascinate me. I found two such instances of that Tuesday while reporting on Monday night’s homicide at 8th and Plum here in Hutchinson.

The first is that, no matter what, police officers are never too busy to give you a ticket. The 8th and Plum intersection is usually busy, but especially so with the fair going on. Naturally on Tuesday, cars would slow down to get a glimpse of the squad cars and officers around the scene. However, one person apparently could not look away. A 20-year-old was issued a citation for inattentive driving after she collided into another vehicle at the intersection.

The second thing was a garage sale next door to where the homicide allegedly took place. A GARAGE SALE! When planning for any sort of residence-based sale, you think about the weather, the date, your inventory. You do not consider whether there will be a murder next door to you which causes the police to block off your street.

Obviously, the real victim in this is Sem Adrien. I do not mean to make light of that with this post.

But now that the crime scene tape is gone and officers are back at the station, I wonder whether someone driving by will have any idea about what happened there just hours or days ago. “Real life” always seems to come back to us, even in the most tragic scenarios.

-Kayla Regan, Current Conditions


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