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Mama Brett and Kaci Lou

My 6-year-old girls want to be Mama Lou.

Brett and Kaci sat on a green bench in Gottschalk Park, mesmerized by the pretty woman with the bright red lipstick and the short black skirt who can tear a phonebook and a deck of cards clean in two, as well as squash apples with her biceps.

The twins excitedly took the stage when she asked them to help her.


Kaci trying to break an apple with her bicep.

“You can call me Mama,the Kansas State Fair’s strong woman said with a smile to my girls, then asked them to pull on a chain that she planned to break with her brute strength.

Upon inspection, they gave her a thumbs-up that there was no hoax with her act.

When the show was over, as we walked to get a drink, Kaci excitedly said she wanted to go buy apples. Brett, however, said she planned to practice the art of ripping phonebooks.

After all, Mama Lou had said that all things are possible with determination and practice. It only took her six months to learn the skill of phonebook tearing.

My husband rolled his eyes and muttered that he’d better hide the UNO deck and make sure we have one phonebook out of their reach.

I, however, gave them an encouraging smile. Go home and practice and show me your skills when I get home tonight, I said.

“If we can do it by Christmas, can we have a slumber party?” asked Kaci.

Sure, I replied, before they waved their goodbyes and drove off toward the grocery store, and I headed back to my state fair writing.


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