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Artist in training?

Kristen Roderick slowed down and improved during the Drink and Draw at Hatch Studios.

Kristen Roderick slowed down and improved during the Drink and Draw at Hatch Studios.

I’ve never claimed to be an artist.
Trust me, my best work to date is doodling stick figures when I was supposed to be paying attention in an economics class.
But when I was asked to write a story about Hatch Studios, I decided to sign up for the new drink and draw class. Owner Lacey Schechter assured me that for this class, you don’t have to be a professional. It’s just a relaxed place to come and learn.
So I grabbed my Mt. Dew and another novice, my friend, Katie Goodenberger, who was eager to join me.
I knew I’d be surrounded by amazing artists, and I was right. What I didn’t know was how supportive and encouraging this group could be – even when they looked at my scanty sketches.
I started with a skeleton head – Schechter had made sure to have some Halloween goodies laid out for anyone who needed some inspiration. Sounds easy enough, right?
Quickly grabbing a pencil, I started with the facial features – the eyes, the nose and then the mouth. The skeleton had hollow cheeks, so I added a circle to represent the “hole.” I quickly drew the head – and it ended up looking more like a Jack-O-Lantern.
I guess I can claim it’s abstract … maybe.
Frustrated with my first sketch, I decided to slow down. For this one I drew the shape of the head first before adding the eyes and facial features. I wanted to make sure to add some of the shading to highlight the nose, eyes and cheeks.
When I finished, it wasn’t perfection. But it wasn’t a pumpkin.
Before I left, the others had me show off my work. Nobody laughed. Nobody made fun of the drawing. I just heard cheers and praise for my novice drawings.
In this group, it’s OK to not be the best. It’s the thought and the attempt that counts. Thanks, guys!
The drink and draw is at Hatch Studios, 416 N. Main, the first Thursday of every month. Follow its page on Facebook to find out more class times and to check out some of the cool things they do at the studio.
Kristen Roderick/All That Buzz


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