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Where did Thanksgiving go?

(photo by Kristen Roderick)

Trees at Hutchinson’s Walmart. (photo by Kristen Roderick)

Merry Thanksgiving? Deck the Turkeys? Jingle Thanks?

Christmas has seemingly taken over the stores. Never mind that there’s still one more holiday to go.

I’ll admit shoppers like me could be part of the problem. After Halloween, my life tends to revolve around Christmas. Thanksgiving has become a forgotten holiday.

Christmas decorations will be put out this weekend. I’ve already switched my iPod over to Christmas songs. If you look at most stores, I’m not the only one.

Merry makeshift ornaments hang from the ceilings at the Hutchinson Target. But over the registers is a lone “Happy Thanksgiving” written on an ornament above the registers.

But Thanksgiving decorations are pretty non-existent. Christmas is everywhere – from the candy at the front and the Christmas decorations at the back. As soon as Halloween gear was sold and/or put away, Christmas took over.

Walmart gives Thanksgiving a little play. As soon as you walk in, there are fall/Thanksgiving decorations at the front of the store. They are on clearance.

(Photo by Kristen Roderick)

(Photo by Kristen Roderick)

(photo by Ken Stephens)

(photo by Ken Stephens)

There are also bits of Thanksgiving sprinkled throughout the store – I got a nifty turkey hat for $5. Who doesn’t need a turkey hat?

The grocery section is a mix of Christmas and Thanksgiving – with enough for a fun Thanksgiving dinner.

Then there’s Dillon’s Marketplace. Before you walk in the door, there is a selection of pumpkins and gourds to choose from. Behind these, you can search an even larger Christmas section for your perfect artificial tree.

Anyone who wants to give some autumn flowers is in luck. The store has plenty in its floral section. Walk through the store, and there are still Halloween costumes among Christmas candy and decorations.

(Photo by Kristen Roderick)

(Photo by Kristen Roderick)

And, to not forget Thanksgiving, there is always cranberry Sprite. Not quite the can-shaped cranberry sauce that is dumped on the table, but close.

After a long day of trying to find Thanksgiving, I’ll sip on my pumpkin spice latte – fondly poured into a bright red Starbucks Christmas cup.

Kristen Roderick, All That Buzz


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