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Super Bowl commercials to watch

What can you get for $4 million?

A 30-second commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII. If you’re a multi-million or billion dollar company, it could be worth the price. People typically watch the commercials.

In the Internet age, these commercials are leaked early. I have seen some, and I’m giving you my top five to watch.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know about the commercials before the game, turn away now.

Here we go!

Budweiser – If you’re a Internet connoisseur, you’ve probably already seen this one. It’s the story of a puppy that grew up to love a horse. How can you go wrong with a cute little dog and a beautiful Clydesdale?

Dannon Orkos – Uncle Jesse is back! I grew up loving “Full House.” When it’s on reruns, I always watch. This one reunites John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. Saget’s Danny Tanner brings back his clean streak after Stamos purposely drops yogurt on his pants. Now I just wonder, where’s Aunt Becky?

CarMax – I’ll admit, this one didn’t make the list. The commercial is simple. A man buys a previously owned car that he says is perfect. Then he drives away to a slow clap. What makes this commercial great is CarMax made a second commercial using puppies! I’m still chuckling.

M&M – Move over Miley! The yellow M&M is twerking his way to a homemade video sensation – until the red M&M catches him. This is just a teaser to the Super Bowl commercial. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Hyundai Genesis – This one is for the dads. The commercial looks like home movies where a dad is there just in time to protect his son – sometimes getting injured in the process. It ends with a driving test where the son sees a beautiful girl and almost wrecks. The car has an auto-emergency breaking system. I could have used that system before I backed into my garage door.

Tell me what your favorite commercial was! Email or comment on this story online.

Kristen Roderick/All That Buzz


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