Geography geeks!  Here’s a bracket for you
It's this or anarchy

Geography geeks! Here’s a bracket for you

Test your knowledge of the relative populations of different geographic areas by participating in the U.S. Census Bureau’s version of “March Madness.”  The Census Bureau’s Population Bracketology is an interactive data visualization allowing you to fill out your own bracket based on comparisons of state and metro area population. The objective is to pick the … Continue reading

Nine-letter word for puzzle, starts with “c”
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Nine-letter word for puzzle, starts with “c”

Across 1. Before you fold Saturday’s newspaper into a quarter and begin work on the crossword puzzle, faithful readers should pause for a moment to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first published crossword puzzle. 2. That puzzle, the creation of journalist Arthur Wynne of Liverpool, England, appeared in the New York World on Dec. … Continue reading

Kansas State Fair

Cookware, adult only rides, freebies and the dog days of the fair

Signs of the fair I’m always looking for humor in mundane signs and displays at the fair. For example, there was a banner hanging in the Royal Prestige cookware booth in the SunflowerSouthBuilding that proclaimed “Dinner in 15 minutes.” Then I went to the SunflowerSunflowerNorthBuilding, where there was another Royal Prestige cookware booth and another … Continue reading