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KAYLA REGAN, reporter/Hutch&Stuff editor

As a general assignment reporter, I write about almost everything, so you can expect my posts to cover the same range on here. As Hutch&Stuff editor, I’ll make sure this site stays fresh, fun and that everyone is playing nice. Have an idea you’d like to see on here? Email me at


  • Current Conditions: Crazy, crafty, cold - We’re getting crafty with the cold weather here at The Hutchinson News. Yes, it’s tempting to wallow in the misery of frigid temperatures (and I’m sure we’ll do our share of griping), but we’re also going to try to have some fun with it. Below are three science experiments we’ll be trying out that should … Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: Thanks a lot, Mercury - Everyone, it’s safe to leave your homes; Mercury is no longer in retrograde. The last day of the last retrograde cycle for Mercury this year was nothing short of crazy. For those reading this who aren’t astrology buffs (don’t feel bad, I just learned what this meant), Mercury’s retrograde period basically means chaos. Plans, The … Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: The writing on the wall - If you didn’t catch it, I wrote this  story about gang graffiti for The News this week. The idea came from my photographer buddy, Lindsey, who gave me a heads up there was a bunch of gang graffiti on the side of the old Dollar Cents building on Main Street. Normally, graffiti isn’t something that … Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: Musings on a time capsule - The other week, I was in the Hutch News sports section trying to find scissors for my newly-acquired label maker that I may have swiped from them. Sports reporter Brad Hallier, of Blogging Frankly fame, was helping with the search. He opened the top drawer of the desk behind him that doesn’t get much use … Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: Reflections at the scene of the crime - Signs of the mundane in extraordinary circumstances fascinate me. I found two such instances of that Tuesday while reporting on Monday night’s homicide at 8th and Plum here in Hutchinson. The first is that, no matter what, police officers are never too busy to give you a ticket. The 8th and Plum intersection is usually … Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: “I have a dream” turns 50 - Today, as I’m sure you all know, marks the 50th anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. Nobody said it better than the man himself, so without further ado… Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: If you can’t say anything nice… - “Holy s***!” That’s what I said in my cubicle when I read the comments to the story about a motorcycle fatality Friday morning. In three words the comments were cruel, insensitive and disappointing. I am no prude. Personally, I don’t care about curse words, but I understand why we monitor them. What I care about … Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: Mo’ horses, mo’ problems - The July 31 story about Lindasue Adams, the woman convicted of neglecting dozens of horses over the past three years, definitely struck a nerve. Here’s a few of the comments from our Facebook page: Crazy old bat someone should Neglect her and leave her for dead!! And starve her too,Nice  Going Judge McEwen another slap … Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: Here comes the sun! - The rain last week and this week put a serious damper on not only my mood, but also my summer plans. I live for this time of year. I love the heat and I love the sun. With that, here is how I will be spending how I plan on spending my free time in … Continue reading
  • Current Conditions: What to do when they come for you - I was at a Hutchinson Human Relations Commission meeting this week and Darrell Pope, the local NAACP president, handed out the NAACP Real World Guide to Interacting with Law Enforcement Guide. I grabbed one immediately. No matter the color of your skin, I think a lot of us are…trepidatious when it comes to interacting with … Continue reading


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