Kansas Journal


KATHY HANKS, reporter

For more than three decades I have been telling the people of Kansas’ stories.  I interview people anywhere –  whether the pilot on the airplane to Timbuktu or the person taking my order at Taco Bell.
I also love gardening, walking down alleys and snooping in backyards to see what’s growing. I  am a  fan  of Downton Abbey and  Frida Kahlo. I have been to her house in Mexico City and I’m trying to duplicate her garden in my Kansas backyard.
Everyone has a story to tell, I want to hear yours.

  • Only a paper moon … and a missile - It’s only a paper moon that you can’t see. But, with the latest technology people are lining up to have their picture snapped at The Hutchinson News booth. And it’s so much fun looking at the finished photos on line at http://www.hutchnews.com/fair  It’s a donation to a good cause, our Hutchinson News Scholarship. So, I … Continue reading
  • Loving Barney - It really wasn’t Barney Fife walking around the fairgrounds.  But golly gee, Scott Epperson is a dead ringer for the bumbling deputy from Mayberry. Every word out of his mouth and body movement had me chucking. I took a photo of him with Mary Alice Lair, and then warned him Thelma Lou would be jealous. … Continue reading
  • Day in court - I considered it a quiet victory. Monday was a slow day as far as municipal court goes. By the time of my trial, there was no one left in the room except Judge Tad Dower, prosecutor Mike Robbins, the police officer, the bailiff, and me, the defendant. Here are a few details that led up … Continue reading
  • Kansas Journal: Scenes from a drowning - White caps tossed on Cheney Lake Saturday evening. A single sailboat was beached, while two boats circled around the same area near Sailboat Cove as Lindsey Bauman and I arrived on the west shore. Despite the wind blowing the water into waves, standing near the shore in the cove there was a mild breeze and … Continue reading
  • Looking for a miracle - We were pretty optimistic. Copy Chief Wendy Skellenger and I even took her SUV just in case we had to haul home our winnings Sunday evening from Our Lady of Guadalupe’s 72nd Annual Fiesta. After all we each had in our possession a green raffle ticket, having made the suggested $2 donation. The Fiesta had … Continue reading
  • Famed editor’s car is still parked in the drive, but no one is home - The package from Red Rocks arrived today. I was thrilled to receive my long-awaited DVD “Mary White.” The movie made back in 1977, tells the story of William Allen White’s high-spirited 17-year-old daughter who died tragically, not from a fall from a horse as the Associated Press had reported, but according to her father in … Continue reading
  • Kansas Journal: Trapped at lunchtime - Amy Bickel would say it’s my fault. But, any law abiding citizen would disagree. During our noon break from work today we were driving around looking for story ideas when we saw a sheriff’s deputy standing at the corner of 30th and Curtis. “Ask him what’s going on,” I told Bickel. As I rolled down … Continue reading
  • Kansas Journal: Sons of barbecue roll into town - Have you heard of the Sons of Silence motorcycle club?  Well, I met a  pack of motorcycle riders  Saturday who should be known as the “Sons of Barbecue.” This was their sixth year to meet at Roy’s for their “Ride to Eat rendezvous. I understand heading off on a road trip to eat at a … Continue reading
  • Kansas Journal: Kurtis and Dana Montgomery - There is so much more to Kurtis Montgomery than the miserable cancer he is struggling with at the moment. Around his home are beautiful pieces of woodwork he has crafted for his family, from the large entertainment center to a handsome bar.  Houseplants he nurtures sit on a unique planter he created. The Montgomery home … Continue reading


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