Kansas State Fair

See the stories below for all we have on the 100th Kansas State Fair! Enjoy!

  • Mama Brett and Kaci Lou - My 6-year-old girls want to be Mama Lou. Brett and Kaci sat on a green bench in Gottschalk Park, mesmerized by the pretty woman with the bright red lipstick and the short black skirt who can tear a phonebook and a deck of cards clean in two, as well as squash apples with her biceps. … Continue reading
  • Meeting Jars of Clay - I’ve followed Jars of Clay for a long time. I remember “borrowing” my older brother’s copy of their self-titled debut album shortly after it was released. Come to think of it, I still haven’t given it back. On Thursday, I was blessed with the opportunity to interview them. Yeah, I had questions. But really, I … Continue reading
  • Well, that’s a fair request - Toby Keith didn’t ask the Kansas State Fair for beer for his horses. But, if the State Fair has soft drink and beer sponsors, “and they are feeling charitable and want us to have some of their product,” the Toby Keith buses “would appreciate some stock … especially beer!” Often found in an entertainer’s contract … Continue reading
  • Cookware, adult only rides, freebies and the dog days of the fair - Signs of the fair I’m always looking for humor in mundane signs and displays at the fair. For example, there was a banner hanging in the Royal Prestige cookware booth in the SunflowerSouthBuilding that proclaimed “Dinner in 15 minutes.” Then I went to the SunflowerSunflowerNorthBuilding, where there was another Royal Prestige cookware booth and another … Continue reading
  • No purple trains in Kaci’s future - My 6-year-old daughter Kaci has decided she hates purple trains. A K-State Wildcat fan like her mother, she sat on the back of the Kansas State Fair’s purple train, waiting for me to sit by her. Brett, her twin sister, was sitting by Kathy Hanks as I gave the ticket taker all our tickets. But … Continue reading
  • Only a paper moon … and a missile - It’s only a paper moon that you can’t see. But, with the latest technology people are lining up to have their picture snapped at The Hutchinson News booth. And it’s so much fun looking at the finished photos on line at http://www.hutchnews.com/fair  It’s a donation to a good cause, our Hutchinson News Scholarship. So, I … Continue reading
  • Celebrating a first - I can remember my first Kansas State Fair while working for The Hutchinson News. I was so excited and eager for this new adventure. Now, six years later, I was able to take a friend on this same journey. My friend, Katie Goodenberger, has never been to the state fair. When she got there Saturday, … Continue reading
  • Loving Barney - It really wasn’t Barney Fife walking around the fairgrounds.  But golly gee, Scott Epperson is a dead ringer for the bumbling deputy from Mayberry. Every word out of his mouth and body movement had me chucking. I took a photo of him with Mary Alice Lair, and then warned him Thelma Lou would be jealous. … Continue reading
  • Free is fine at the Kansas State Fair - As a journalist, I have to be nonpartisan. But, I can’t deny the fact that Kansas Democratic Party gives away a good pen. It writes very liberally, ink-wise mind you. In fact, the pens write so well, I went back later in the day for second one. I haven’t been by the Republican booth, but … Continue reading
  • Big anticipation - They’ve been preparing for this day for months. It always amazes me as I walk the fairgrounds in mid-August, seeing little activity. Within a few weeks, the grounds transforms into a small city complete with places of business and a trailer park. On Monday, my three daughters and I walked the grounds after the fair’s … Continue reading


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