DARCY GRAY, reporter

Whether it’s an unusual call to The News or an extraordinary report overhead on the scanner, I plan to let readers in on whatever is making me laugh — or cringe — in the newsroom. I also plan to highlight the crime story, whether it’s local, regional or national, that everyone is talking about or that’s creating a buzz in our community. My main goals are to be informative and interactive. I want to know what information people are looking for and what crime they see in their neighborhoods.


kenstephensTHIS OR ANARCHY

KEN STEPHENS, reporter

I cover city and county government, and sometimes some other things, for The Hutchinson News.  Basically I believe that like it or not, we’re going to have government. It’s this or anarchy. I try to keep people informed about their local government, whether they like it or not. In my blog I’ll look (sometimes really hard) for bits of humor in the routine workings of government, reveal obscure but telling statistics and offer his own observations.


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