All that Buzz


KRISTEN RODERICK, mobile/social media editor

I’m bringing local entertainment and cuisine to your fingertips. This blog explores the local scene as well as those who are trying to make it in the national spotlight. Have a tip? Email it to me at

  • Super Bowl commercials to watch - What can you get for $4 million? A 30-second commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII. If you’re a multi-million or billion dollar company, it could be worth the price. People typically watch the commercials. In the Internet age, these commercials are leaked early. I have seen some, and I’m giving you my top five to … Continue reading
  • 10 celebrities that should go away - Could Justin Bieber be deported? A petition against the Canadian-born singer has reached the White House. With more than 100,000 signatures in less than a week, the White House is required to respond. The petition says Bieber is dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug-abusing. “He’s not only threatening the safety of our people, but he is … Continue reading
  • Thanksgiving workplace - Only one room was available Thursday at the Comfort Inn. Ro Ann Mitzner was waiting for those who had reserved rooms to show up. She smiled and showed courtesy to every guest who walked in the door. If she was upset for working on a holiday, nobody would know it. When she was handed a … Continue reading
  • Mannequin detained - An armless, naked woman was taken into custody Wednesday evening at the K-61 walking bridge near Union Valley Elementary School. Officers do not know how long she was there. She was called in as a traffic hazard for passersby who couldn’t help but look up and wonder why she was there gazing north on K-61. … Continue reading
  • Where did Thanksgiving go? - Merry Thanksgiving? Deck the Turkeys? Jingle Thanks? Christmas has seemingly taken over the stores. Never mind that there’s still one more holiday to go. I’ll admit shoppers like me could be part of the problem. After Halloween, my life tends to revolve around Christmas. Thanksgiving has become a forgotten holiday. Christmas decorations will be put … Continue reading
  • All That Buzz: Downfall of Facebook? - It took less than an hour for my confidence of social media knowledge to come to a screeching halt. I am no longer as young and as on the ball as I thought. High School kids don’t like Facebook. *gasp* Twitter and smart phone apps like Snapchat are all the rage. Have you heard of … Continue reading
  • Artist in training? - I’ve never claimed to be an artist. Trust me, my best work to date is doodling stick figures when I was supposed to be paying attention in an economics class. But when I was asked to write a story about Hatch Studios, I decided to sign up for the new drink and draw class. Owner … Continue reading
  • All That Buzz: Making pie - It was always a treat when I was growing up to get pie. My brother would always request chocolate, and I would always ask for caramel. So my mother made both. She was amazing at it. Sometimes she would even throw in some mini pies as an added bonus, or she would set aside some … Continue reading
  • All That Buzz: Cooler Cooking - Thank goodness for a bit of chillier weather. I can finally turn my stove on. That is one of the things I miss when the thermometer goes above 90. I like to cook. I like to try new things.But hot weather forces me to keep my stove off. I don’t want to make my air … Continue reading
  • All That Buzz: Salvation - When the movie “Salvation” is finally released to the public, you might see some familiar faces. The majority of the movie is filmed in Hutchinson. A few of my coworkers and I were some of the extras when crews filmed at The Hutchinson News. I’m fascinated with what goes on in video production. While working … Continue reading


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