Just Playin’


Pat Sangimino, sports editor

“I always turn to the sports section first. The sports section records people’s accomplishments; the front page nothing but man’s failures.”
– Earl Warren, former chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Sports are the spice that makes life a little less bland. We religiously tune in each night to follow our favorite teams and have countless opinions on close plays, questionable strategies and blown calls. The games people play don’t have life-and-death ramifications, but we find them terribly important.

Consider this a safe harbor to voice your take because the best thing about sports is that there are no wrong opinions, especially for those possessing a passion for them.


  • Just Playin’: Baseball’s long odds - A New York City tourist walking the streets – and clearly lost – asks a local how to get to Yankee Stadium. The local looks the tourist squarely in the eye and give a one-word answer: “Practice.” It’s a joke – sort of. The road to Yankee Stadium and 29 other big-league ballparks is paved … Continue reading
  • Just Playin’: Dog bites man - In honor of Cliff Clavin, the mail carrier who hung out at “Cheers,” that fictitious 1980s bar where everybody knew your name, here’s a little-known fact. You see, Cliffy liked to say that. Everything, to him was “a little known fact” because he was the king of trivia – or the trivial, I should say. … Continue reading
  • Just Playin’: A familiar ring - An age-old debate resurfaced this week: Man gets down on bended knee. He proposes marriage. He places an engagement ring on her finger. She accepts. And then, for whatever reason, she breaks off the engagement. What should become of the ring? Does she keep it as a parting gift – a thank-you-for-playing, let’s-welcome-our-next-guest party favor? … Continue reading
  • Just Playin’: PGA appearence for HCC coach - Bruce Vaughan is back on the golf course for the first time since February. The Hutchinson resident is playing in this weekend’s PGA Champions Tour stop in Savannah, Ga. Play begins on Friday, but on Thursday he played a practice round and took part in the pro-am festivities, standard fare for a pro golfer. “I’m … Continue reading


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