Blogging Frankly

BradHillier-DeputySportsEdiBRAD HALLIER, sports reporter

Nobody is filled with more useless sports information and stats than I am, so get ready for all of that and more when it comes to Hutchinson Community College, high school soccer, Monarchs and plenty more.


  • Blogging Frankly: Three thoughts on Region 6 championship game - Three random thoughts about  Butler’s 24-21 Region 6 championship game victory against Hutchinson on Sunday in El Dorado. Hutchinson most likely has its quarterback for next year. The crazy world of junior college sports leaves me reluctant to say this, but I’m confident freshman Frankie Seurer should be Hutchinson’s starting quarterback next year. Now, maybe … Continue reading
  • Blogging Frankly: NJCAA football poll shouldn’t be fair - One of the beauties of the NFL is its sense of fair play. Go 2-14 one year, be praised as a rising playoff contender the next. Or you can win a Super Bowl and two years later still be searching for your first win of the season in mid-October. College football isn’t the same. At … Continue reading
  • Blogging Frankly: Jayhawk Conference up for grabs - Let’s say before the season started, you knew Butler would lose a regular-season home game against a Jayhawk Conference team. How many of you would have predicted Hutchinson to win at Butler? Probably about 100 percent. Nobody would have guessed woeful Independence beating Butler. Few would have mentioned Dodge City, given the Conquistadors were coming … Continue reading
  • Blogging frankly: Kicking around a little soccer - There can’t be a more bizarre sport than soccer. What other sport offers beer at youth tournaments? Well, they did at the Show-Me Showdown in St. Charles, Mo., last weekend, a tournament my daughter’s team played in (and won). What good could possibly come out of angry dads seeing their daughters losing a U11 championship … Continue reading
  • Blogging frankly: Second weekend, five more thoughts - Right now, I can’t figure out Jayhawk Conference football. Translating this book might be easier, I don’t know. Saturday’s results didn’t make things any easier. Two weeks into the season, and the Jayhawk Conference actually looks a little bit like the Jayhawk West in basketball – unpredictable. I never thought I’d say that, but perhaps … Continue reading
  • Blogging frankly: Five thoughts on Jayhawk Conference football - It wasn’t quite anarchy in the first weekend of Jayhawk Conference football. (Hey how come Highland gets to win on the road? If they win on the road! Everyone will win on the road! It’ll be anarchy!) But it sure was eventful. A head-turning win for Highland opened the season, followed by an eye-popping scoreless … Continue reading
  • Blogging Frankly: Attendance not a true measure of fan loyalty - Friday night, I was sitting at home in my favorite recliner, having a bottle of my favorite beer, while watching another game in this amazing run by the Kansas City Royals. I was in heaven, and no, it had nothing to do with my wife and kids being out of town. And it had nothing … Continue reading
  • Blogging Frankly: Finally, on the road for HCC men’s basketball - Hutchinson Community College has taken a lot of (deserved) razzing through the years regarding its nonconference men’s basketball schedule. Basically, it’s a schedule that neither Willie Nelson nor Johnny Cash would have pieced together. Road games? Except for a trip to Iola to play Allen, the Blue Dragons have played their entire nonconference slate at … Continue reading
  • Blogging Frankly: My proposal for a new classification system - I needed awhile to think rationally Tuesday. So instead of blasting the living bejesus out of the decision to split Class 4A into two divisions for football, basketball volleyball, baseball and softball, I decided to look at some numbers, watch something to make me laugh and go to sleep. First of all, everybody agrees that … Continue reading
  • Blogging Frankly: Mystery solved – Hutchinson soccer wins regional title - Remember that TV show, “Unsolved Mysteries”? The one that was hosted by the legendary Robert Stack? (By the way, did anyone else think Stack was blatantly robbed of an Oscar for his performance in “Beavis and Butt-head Do America”? I did.) I’ve always been fascinated with the unexplainable. For instance, why is Kansas City cursed … Continue reading


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