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First day of allegiance?

Wiley Elementary School students stand for the Pledge of Allegiance this morning during the first day of classes. (Tim Goessman/The Hutchinson News)

Wiley Elementary School students stand for the Pledge of Allegiance this morning during the first day of classes. (Tim Goessman/The Hutchinson News)

I wasn’t surprised to see the Pledge of Allegiance being recited Thursday morning at Wiley Elementary School in Hutchinson, but I was surprised at some of the comments readers posted on our Facebook page.

Photographer Tim Goessman and I visited Wiley early Thursday to see the first day of school. Not long after we returned, I posted one of his photos on The Hutchinson News Facebook page showing the large group of children with their hands over their hearts reciting the pledge in the school gym before classes started.

The first comment was: “very good-what other schools do this or are they afraid to do this?”

Another comment followed: “FANTASTIC!!!! hope all schools start doin this again!!”

My first thought was, “When did students ever stop doing this?” I called Ray Hemman, USD 308 spokesman, to get his input.

“It never left,” Hemman said of the Pledge of Allegiance. “We say it at graduation, we say it at every board meeting – it’s very much a part of our culture here at USD 308.”

Hemman noted the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t mandated, however, or in the district’s handbook, “but it’s common.” School officials would respect anyone who chooses not to say it, he said.

By 5 p.m. Thursday, about 650 people had “liked” the photo on The Hutchinson News Facebook page and more than 80 shared it with their Facebook friends.

Other comments included:

·          “One nation UNDER GOD!”

·          “What Bible passage was read?”

·          “Thank God, somebody finally came to their senses!! Thank you Wiley school. Hope more will follow your example”

·          “It’s really sad when we have to compliment and brag on the schools for starting the day with the Pledge of Allegiance! I am so proud of all the schools that make this an important part of the day.”

·          “As it should be at the beginning of class just like the old days of school!”

·          “Hallelujah!!!!!!!!”

·          “’Murica”

·          “Excellent! This is America! Should do it every day in every school.”

·          “Because nothing says ‘freedom’ like Orwellian ritual.”

·          “That’s awesome! A public school getting sued right off the bat of a new year. Keep your religion out of our schools and we’ll keep science out of your churches.”

·          “Way to go, Wiley!”

By Darcy Gray



One thought on “First day of allegiance?

  1. This is pretty shocking that so many apparently thought the schools had stopped having the Pledge of Allegiance. You are right…they never stopped and as far as I know all public school in the USA still do this too. Like I said on facebook, I wonder if people thought when that atheist took this matter to court they thought the Pledge had stopped in the schools because at first a lower court did vote in his favor…but it went on to the Supreme court who over ruled it.http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2004/07/pldg-j01.html

    I am so glad you brought this all up though! Even though its just a simple everyday thing that happens in thousands of schools every morning to the point its taken for granted, you have uncovered this idea that many believe it had stopped. Makes me wonder how many of those people are parents with kids in school and didn’t know they were still doing the Pledge? Now they will know it never stopped. 🙂

    And no the school cannot be sued for doing this…the Supreme Court says its ok. 😉

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