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Reaction to Dog the Bounty Hunter coming to Hutchinson

Fans await the arrival of Duane “Dog” Chapman in Hutchinson.

Dozens of people are lining up as I type this to get a glimpse of “The Dog.”

Duane “Dog” Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, is in Hutchinson today visiting Barb’s Bail Bonds for his new TV show, “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,” which is airing on CMT.

Word spread like wildfire on Facebook, where there’s been a wide variety of reactions to a photo of the crowd that The News posted:

“first person they can go after is my stupid ex.”

“I was thinking the same thing about mine! lol”

“Just drove by n thought they must be having a bail one get one free pass! Then I saw some friends !!! What a crowd!”

“It’s like one big crack head convention…Go with god brah! Bahaha!!!”

“I didn’t even know who this was, had to ask my daughter…..I didn’t care that a dog was in town. Lol”

“oh hell ..I wish I could have met them I love them both they ROCK!!!”

“How irresponsible for the news to post this now. They are here to help get wanted fugitives off the streets and now their job will be hindered because they have all gone into hiding!!! Way to go Hutch news helping to keep criminals on our streets!!!”

“I bet the person they are looking for will show up to see him. It’s that easy in Hutch.”

“Okay does anyone remember the bigoted remarks “Dog” made a few years back towards his own son’s girlfriend that caused his first show to get dropped? This guy is no saint, he is just glorified white trash on tv. I refuse to support such trash!”

“there’s got to be something better you all could be doing with your time. Read to some kids? pick up trash around the city? mow you own lawn? call your parents/syblings/children because you haven’t spoken to them in a while? research your local and state representatives voting records & upcoming candidates? anything besides giving that guy more attention? anything sound good?”

“Cool!!! Love dog the bounty hunter!!!!”

Update: 5:05 p.m. The Dog hasn’t shown up yet, but the crowd continues to grow outside Barb’s. My co-worker is working on the story, and apparently the comments she’s overheard in the crowd beat the Facebook comments hands-down.


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