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KS Crime & Punishment: Tip on grisly murder unfounded

One of my editors asked me to look into a tip we received this morning. The caller said a body was found in the middle of the road east of Bazine in Ness County, and the person’s throat and wrists had been slashed.

The Ness County Sheriff’s Office confirmed for me, however, that the information was false. No body has been found there.

I receive tips about various crimes and have to follow up to see if there’s any truth to it. Sometimes, tipsters do provide accurate information, so I appreciate any feedback we can get.

Lately, most of the tips I’ve received have been false — at least the ones about grisly murders.

Another person reported this past month that someone had just been murdered right outside the McPherson County courthouse. I think that information gave Police Chief Rob McClarty a jolt when I called him, although he quickly confirmed the info was false. As it turned out, the incident outside of the courthouse was far from being a murder, although there was a minor injury involved. A driver backing up a vehicle ran over someone’s foot.

– Darcy Gray, Kansas Crime & Punishment


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